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What is a Boletin?

The official term for Boletin is Certificado de Instalacion or Certificado de Adaptacion. 

Depending on whether you are having a new installation or just an electrical alteration done, one of these documents has to be issued by an authorized electrician. A Boletin is required to receive a contract from the electrical supply company, like the Unelco-Endesa. We are authorized to issue this Boletin.  

Will I automatically receive electricity if I present a Boletin?

Unfortunately more is often involved, for example:
Like maybe a project, Final de Obra, Cedula de Habitabilidad, Declaracion Responsable and so on. Which documents are exactly required depends on the individual circumstances.
We are happy to help you in this regard.

Under which circumstances is a Boletin required?
  • With every new installation
  • With every alteration of the contract with the Unelco-Endesa, like change of name, bank account, electrical supply company,...you need a valid Boletin. A Boletin is valid for 20 years.
  • With an electrical upgrade (the incoming supply is limited by a so-called ICP).

What else does a Boletin include?

A Boletin (Certificado de Instalacion) is only valid with the registration and stamp from the Consejeria de Industria. In order to receive this stamp, many steps have to be taken. Besides supplementary documents, the payment of fees, a so-called 11-page MTD has to be issued, that contains plans, calculations and a description of the electrical installation. As a complete package called “Boletin”

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